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438. Simone vibert, the Senior Policy and Public Affairs Analyst from the Children’s Commissioner’s Office, explained the importance of children’s perceptions of loot boxes. She said that the most important point to come out of the Commissioner’s research was that children themselves describe buying loot boxes as a form of gambling, without being prompted

As a result, the Children’s Commissioner believed that loot boxes should be treated as a gambling product “If it looks like gambling and it feels like gambling in children’s eyes, our message is very simple: that it should be regulated and recognised as such.”

Ms vibert also explained in more detail the Commissioner’s concerns about the Gambling Act, and how its definitions fail to reflect the way in which children are thinking about video gaming and gambling: “In our view, the fundamental stumbling block here is the Gambling Act’s definition of gambling. In particular, the definition of a prize, “money or money’s worth”, does not reflect the way children spend and, 454 Ibid.

Q 200 (Simone vibert) in our eyes, gamble money online. Some of these items in games do not have monetary value. Some of them do because you can trade them illegally on other sites, but let us park that for now. They have immense value to the children who are spending money to get them, whether that is to take part in the game all their friends are playing or whether it is to not be bullied, in some cases. That is where we feel the Gambling Act is not working in the way it should in the modern world.” 45


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